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London, UK
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  • Steering

  • Passengers

  • Speed

    25mhp mph
  • Can be

  • Transmission

    Dual-Clutch Automated Manual
  • Colour


this is the gmc

The vehicle owner? How do I contact

When an owner list their vehicle or vessel on our website, they are granting permission for interested parties to contact the phone number or email address attached to their listing. It is then you should ask questions about the vehicle or make arrangements for booking.
Rent my Antique Car facilitates the introduction of you and the owner with no other role in the rental transaction.

Interested renters should:

1. Select the vehicle you are interested in renting then reply to the email address, or phone number provided by the owner. There you may ask to be contacted along with your desired interest.
2. Also complete the below form asking for your contact information, and request that the owner contacts you.

Minimum price

$200 /Hour